Corporate Charter

AERO LOGISTICS can handle the corporate needs of any business in Newcastle, Hunter Valley, Sydney and anywhere in NSW. We always ensure that our own professionalism is second-to-none when it comes to looking after your company or clients. We pride ourselves on the presentation and safety of our aircraft, and most of all that you, your staff or clients are satisfied at the end of your flight. All Aerologistics helicopters have iPad and Mobile phone capabilities.


If you are a busy executive or your company needs staff or clients whisked to an urgent meeting or distant location without the stress and hassle of checking in, queuing, or the baggage claim area, then AERO LOGISTICS has the answer. We can fly you to Newcastle Regional Airport, Sydney Airport, Bankstown Airport, or anywhere that prior permission to land has been gained. You’ll arrive quickly and conveniently.


If you need to impress an important client, then AEROLOGISTICS can offer a wide range of services guaranteed to build stronger relationships between your business and your customer. Scenic flights, heli-golf, business lunches and wine tasting in the vineyards and much more.


Blueys Beach Wedding

Blueys Beach Wedding

Your company’s staff will love the experience and change from your normal team building exercises. Nothing will build team spirit and morale like arriving for corporate training in a private helicopter charter.


If there is a deal on the line, a vital document needs urgent delivery or your company requires a spare part to keep a project on track, AERO LOGISTICS can pick up and deliver your item faster and more reliable than road.

Below are just a few of the corporate clients AERO LOGISTICS has flown over the years:


Johnson & Johnson

Nine Network

Rio Tinto

BHP Billiton

NBN News