Fire Fighting

AERO LOGISTICS have been called upon as a cost effective service to fight fires across the eastern seaboard of Australia. Our pilots have vast experience of bushfire fighting in Canada, USA and here at home. We are able to supply the following tasks for your agency:

  • Initial Air Attack
  • Fire Reconnaissance
  • Aerial Mapping
  • Water Bombing
  • Incendiary
  • Fuel Solutions

AERO LOGISTICS also has a comprehensive inventory of Bambi Buckets and saxafoam units along with all the miscellaneous equipment needed for large and small bushfires.

AERO LOGISTICS are kept ready and can usually be mobilized in less than 15 minutes for fire emergencies.

AERO LOGISTICS helicopters and pilots are also used by the NSW Rural Fire Service to conduct training for crew in readiness for the bushfire season

AERO LOGISTICS has the capacity to provide helicopter and pilot support for long campaign fires.