Cessna 206

Cruising Speed: 166km/h
Average Endurance: 7hrs
No. Passengers: 4

A nimble little aircraft, Cessna 206’s or Station air is a single engine aircraft with fixed landing gear. This aircraft is a cost-effective platform for private charters, aerial photography, spotting, or for aerial survey utilising our customer 18-inch CASA approved survey apertures cut into the rear cabin floor. Capable of transporting 4 passengers in charter configuration, or aerial survey equipment as large as a Riegl VQ1560ii. The Cessna 206 cruises at 166 kph and can operate at altitudes up to 10,000ft AMSL. With an endurance of up to 7 hours, this aircraft won’t disappoint.

More Fleet Vehicles

350km/h 10 8 hrs

Cessna 404

Undoubtedly the most versatile and capable survey aircraft used in the industry to date, this tried and tested platform continues to deliver. Boasting 8 hours endurance and the capability to carry two remote sensing systems at one time, the Cessna 404 is the workhorse of the fleet. The versatility of this twin-engine piston aircraft unmatched, working low level LiDAR under the cloud base to capturing high level photography at 25,000ft unpressurised, there is not much this aircraft cant support. Specifically tasked for survey operations, our 6 x 404’s are configured to support any remote sensing operation across Australia.

480km/h 8 7 hrs

Cessna Conquest II

Travel in comfort and style in our executive Cessna Conquest II twin turbine aircraft. With performance comparable to modern day executive jet aircraft, the Cessna Conquest II is perfect for short, medium, and long-haul flights for up to 8 passengers and luggage, travelling at flight levels in a pressurised cabin. Within a few hours, both aircraft can be fully re-configured for survey operation, capable of operating in a pressurised or unpressurised configuration with a range of remote sensing equipment. With a cruise speed of 480 kph at altitudes up to 29,000 ft AMSL, let Aero Logistics get you to your destination quickly and safely.

277km/h N/A 6 hrs

GAF Nomad

Produced by the Government Aircraft Factories (GAF) of Australia in Melbourne, Aero Logistics N22C Nomad is our specialist multi role aircraft. With its twin-turboprop engines, high-wing configuration, large rear twin cargo doors, 6 hour endurance, and short take-off and landing (STOL) capability, this aircraft can accommodate any aerial work task including:

  • Aerial Survey Operations
  • Aerial Observing / Inspections
  • Freight and specialist cargo deliveries to both sealed, unsealed and reduced length runways
  • Aerial firefighting support for equipment transfer and / or Air Attack Supervision
  • Overwater operations

407km/h 12 7 hrs

Reims Caravan F406

Introducing the Reims F406, the turbine engine variant of the Cessna 404. If the Cessna 404 is the workhorse of the Aero Logistics survey fleet, the Reims F406 is the sports variant. Capable of undertaking survey operations at low lever as slow as 250 kph, with a gentle push of the throttles, you’ll be climbing to 25,000ft and cruising at 450 kts within minutes. Utilising twin PT6 turbine engines, this is the perfect platform for international and long-haul survey operations where performance, reliability and safety are crucial.